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A Family Law Attorney Can Help You Protect What Matters Most

A legal issue can bring on an immense amount of stress for any and all parties involved. It should go without saying though, that legal matters related to divorce and family law are often the most difficult. No matter the cause, having to seek out a family law attorney  can prove the onslaught of a difficult time, that will need to be navigated with compassion and care in order to be amicably and fairly resolved. This may not seem easy at first, but know that our experienced divorce attorneys in Troy Michigan have a wealth of knowledge and have a long history of practicing family law. At the end of the day, nothing is of more importance than that of your family. Because of the intimate nature of relationships that these cases often handle, family law can touch on every aspect of your life in the most sensitive way. So with that being said, whether you are going through a custody case, getting a divorce, delegating spousal support, navigating parenting time or need to prove your paternity, it is crucial to have a skilled attorney guiding you through the legal process. Rest assured that our team of skilled family law attorneys, serving Macomb county and beyond, will handle you and your loved ones with genuine empathy and stern guidance as we work together to forge a new path forward, as you make a major life decision involving your family and its future.

While under what can be the extreme emotional duress of an impending divorce, child custody issue, or other legal matter related to your family, each and every decision that you make will be crucial in determining how you move forward from this point. Having a legal team who empathizes genuinely with what you are going through, and is equipped in navigating high intensity situations, can be a life changing decision as you navigate such an unprecedented time. Thankfully though, we pride ourselves on our team’s years of experience assisting family law clients just like you through some of their toughest personal battles in life. Our reputation precedes us, with a long standing history of success in helping clients resolve family law matters in the most optimal of ways possible, given what can be an unprecedented and unfortunate situation for anyone involved in such a case. In Royal Oak and surrounding Michigan communities, you can turn to The Kaplan Law Firm for attentive service and thorough representation in a variety of family law cases. Our work covers a holistic approach to family law cases, including those involving:

  • Divorce
  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Paternity
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Support and custody modification
Founding attorney Joshua Kaplan understands the stress and difficulty these issues can have on your emotionally, psychologically and financially. He will focus on protecting your legal and financial interests and finding solutions that work best for you and your children.

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Your children, your finances and your property are too important to leave to chance. You deserve a skilled attorney to guide you through your family law case and achieve an outcome that protects what matters most.

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