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Criminal allegations can hang over your head and threaten your freedoms. Attorney Joshua Kaplan brings energetic and vibrant representation to your defense. At , we are ready to fight for you.
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Experienced Criminal Defense With A Fresh Perspective

When the police knock on your door or you stand across the room from a judge, your heart races for a reason. The threat of jail or expensive court fees can overwhelm you, and your freedoms and liberty are vulnerable. At , our firm handles your case with results-oriented defense.

Our firm is passionate and ensures that you have the best possible care, including:

  • Extensive and detailed review of the evidence and testimony in your case
  • Thorough analysis of the law, including the state’s burden
  • Complete explanations of your options and of the risks and benefits of each choice
  • Substantial and zealous courtroom representation

When you know what to expect, you do not need to fear the courtroom. Protect your liberties and defend yourself from the accusations facing you.

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Take The Right Steps

Every moment in your case matters. Whether you have a question you did not think of earlier or are deciding how to approach a negotiation, you need to feel confident that your choices today will positively impact your future. At , we guide the accused through every step of their case, and we offer business law services to Detroit-area businesses.

Our firm works for you first and foremost. We strive to create a brighter future for you with every legal decision made.

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